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Viewing Single Post From: SOD and SOW: EJ has visions of Sami

Apr 22 2009, 10:21 PM
I have no fanbase allegiance. I don't like Sami this way. EJ annoys me. Rafe is...a name, and that's about it. Nicole is tolerable so I want her to torture them all.

That said, if they don't get Sami and EJ together after twisting the feud around them with their long dead ("dead") unknown twin relatives I'm going to be even more pissed off about those two characters than I already am. It's just bad form to rape a show's history to prop a couple and then not bring that couple together.

So, given that, this sounds promising in its own way.

Omg i love u..lol...they all are so messed up..Nicole seems to be the only one with some sanity..seirously..(sure she stole Sami's bbaby..but i mean cmon everyone in Salem has had some crime background..UH DUH../lo)

I love Nicole..shes the only one worth watching on this show as of now. Unless the writers give the other characters some good storylines...maybe then..ill give the others some credit..

but rite now.. Nicole is so fun to watch. She has changed so much. (for the better) and she is smart and funny...which makes it entertaining. props for AZ for taking on such a "loving" character.

EJ/SAMI/RAFE--all three are just there..i dont care baout any of em..Rafe i Like..Sami..eh..w/e..totally screwed up charcter..and EJ..is a messed up DiMera.. dont see any great future for him.

I just hope EJami never happens again. I hated them..it was disgusting..Ejole is so much more interesting and entertaining..they actually love each other.
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