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Apr 24 2009, 06:42 AM
Apr 24 2009, 05:46 AM
Apr 23 2009, 06:23 PM
I have to say that Sami has become so boring that I would rather she not be in EJ's orbit until they start to write Sami more interesting... DULL DULL DULL!
The way Sami is now I could care less if she's in anyone's orbit - she has turned into one of thee most boring characters on the show. Back burn this girl and take Rafe to the back burner too. Days doesn't need another Carrie and Austin type characters and that's what Rafe and Sami are and even more boring if you can believe that. Send them both to New York but leave Johnny and Sydney with EJ and Nicole at least they are interesting and AZ and JS are great actors to boot ....
Why can't we have them all? Some love Ejole and some love Safe - believe their are people out there that find every pairing boring dull and tedious. We have ff buttons for those. We can't just have one evil Dimera couple with hired killers and give them two young kids - no way...some of us would hate that! You can watch all the Ejole scenes and I'll fast forward those, :laugh: I'll watch all the Safe scenes and you can fast forward them! :laugh: At least that way the show still has two fans rather than one....and for the Ejami's....can't find a solution for them right now...if the confused crumbs TBTB send them now again ain't working for them I have no alternatives to offer. :lol: But I totally agree that they should keep Sami out of EJ's orbit - forever if possible!
Good idea except you know that the Quad (Sami/EJ/Nicole/Rafe) are going to be in scene after scene after Boring scene together because Sami and EJ share two children. Then they will probably team Nicole and Rafe up together to thwart Sami and EJ's relationship UGH!
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