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Apr 24 2009, 08:41 AM
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Good idea except you know that the Quad (Sami/EJ/Nicole/Rafe) are going to be in scene after scene after Boring scene together because Sami and EJ share two children. Then they will probably team Nicole and Rafe up together to thwart Sami and EJ's relationship UGH!
I agree the scenes are very boring -they say the same things over and over again. Honestly, I would much rather have Sami start being a woman focusing on raising her 4 kids than all of this other crap. I mean, she doesn't have a job- lives in mom's house (how is she paying her bills anyway?), her kids seem to come in last behind her own needs, she is very needy with men (Lucas, EJ, Rafe, Austin, Brandon, etc.). I love Sami, but her character is damaged with this back and forth crap. Someone compared Rafe with Austin - I couldn't agree more. Austin was like watching paint dry and so is Rafe's character. Brady is a little better that Rafe, but not much. I would like to see Nicole with Brady b/c he actually cares - I don't care who the rest of them wind up with, but I really think they need to give Sami a break in the men dept.
I totally agree. This back and forth Sami - ping ponging between men is getting so old! She says she doesn't love EJ but she does things that suggest just the opposite. She dreams about him, she talks about him, she rants about him. Rafe is probably thinking WTH! And then we have EJ who is totally confused. He knows nothing about Grace so naturally he thinks that wacko Sami is in love with him. Why else would she stop the wedding?

I also hate the fact that Sami is acting more like Carrie and less and less like Sami with every episode.
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