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Apr 24 2009, 03:11 PM
Who the hell is Owen? God, has it been that long since I watched this show? LOL.

I love GT though.
King, you better catch up.

The show has been AMAZING!!

Drew explained it well. We haven't really seen Owen yet. We just see his mouth and chin (classic JER LOL) and he basically is just spying on the Kiriakis family for Stefano.

I love Thomson so I look forward to this. I hope it ends up being a bigger role although I'm not 100% on board with already exploring Owen's history and family situation so early on but I guess they feel he is going to be a big character.

I still don't understand the unrecognizable argument when the show is still being led by familiar faces. .Sami, Lucas, Nicole, Stephanie, EJ, Philip, Chloe, Kate, Victor, Stefano, etc with Maggie, Bo, and Hope seeing good amounts of airtime is quite the familiar canvas IMO. I can understand if you don't like or care about the bulk of those characters but I don't understand the unrecognizable argument anymore now then I did when people made the same case in 2007 with Hogan. There aren't that many newbies. Basically, the only new characters recently brought on have been Mia, Arianna (who we barely see), and now Owen (who again, we have barely seen yet). Everyone else that has been brought on has been short-term or recurring, like in Thomson's case. Even Mia's baby's father is probably going to be short-term. Melanie's new love interest will be long-term but still brings the total of long-term new characters to 4 (and that is if you include Rafe who has been on since October).
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