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Apr 24 2009, 03:39 PM
Apr 24 2009, 03:23 PM
I still don't understand the unrecognizable argument when the show is still being led by familiar faces. .Sami, Lucas, Nicole, Stephanie, EJ, Philip, Chloe, Kate, Victor, Stefano, etc with Maggie, Bo, and Hope seeing good amounts of airtime is quite the familiar canvas IMO. I can understand if you don't like or care about the bulk of those characters but I don't understand the unrecognizable argument anymore now then I did when people made the same case in 2007 with Hogan. There aren't that many newbies. Basically, the only new characters recently brought on have been Mia, Arianna (who we barely see), and now Owen (who again, we have barely seen yet). Everyone else that has been brought on has been short-term or recurring, like in Thomson's case. Even Mia's baby's father is probably going to be short-term. Melanie's new love interest will be long-term but still brings the total of long-term new characters to 4 (and that is if you include Rafe who has been on since October).
Unless you have some info some of us don't, I don't think we can guess who's going to be temporary and who's going to be permanent. But either way, these are the people who will be on Days in the near future, whether or not they'll be on a month after that. We have:

Owen's father
Mia's baby's father
Melanie's love interest
Dr. Baker
Father Matt
The nuns (I forget their names lol)

Imo, it's a lot of new characters at once, and combined with the fact that more familiar faces will be exiting (RM, DB), it seems to me that the cast is turning over.

When I read the spoilers, it sounds like a different show. I love King's post (above) asking how long has it been since he tuned in... that's exactly my point! With spoilers like this, it could have been two days.
I don't have anymore info then you all do but sometimes you can tell with a character based on who they are.

Mia's baby's father is going to be nothing more then a plot point. Why else would they keep him around? Who else will he interact with? The show has enough males to go around. Unless they cast him with a known, popular actor, then I don't see the character sticking around. If they bring in a familar actor, then maybe I will be inclined to believe they may keep him around.

Melanie's love interest seems like he will be a Horton and, yes, that will be a long-term character because of that. As I said, based on who the character is and who they are connected to, you can determine usually if they will stick around or not.

I can't believe you counted Fr. Matt and the nuns involved in Sami's story LOL. We barely see them. They aren't pivotal characters. The nus played a role in the Sami/Rafe story and with Arianna around and them no longer appearing in spoilers, I think we probably have seen the last of them. It does matter how long these people stay on or how much there on because if they are barely on or are short-term/recurring, the argument can not be made that they are being forced on people. There is a difference between new characters hogging a show and new characters simply being introduced to the canvas both as long-term characters and characters brought on to serve some purpose who then leave. Many of the characters on that list are characters with a purpose who will most likely be gone, if they aren't already, once the story they are involved in comes to an end. The nuns will be gone or already are. I already explained the situation with Mia's father. Fr. Matt is just fulfilling the priest role on the show, just like Fr, Jansen over the years. Only difference is Fr. Matt is played by a better, more known actor. Owen's father is said to be short-term or, at most recurring.

The cast has already turned over so this isn't some new bit of news. The minute they fired Drake and Deidre, it was clear Days was entering a new era. Not everyone is going to like it. The show has been down this road before. I still think it's Days, just like I have through all the major cast transitions. It's just different and, yes, in many ways it is a new show. I get people thinking it's not Days or not liking it because of that and the writing. I just don't get the argument that the show is being dominated and overrun with new characters. They have brought many new faces on but there aren't that many in major, long-term roles. If there were, I could buy that argument but that is not the case, no more then it was in 2007 when many were making the same arguments.
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