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Apr 24 2009, 03:55 PM
Apr 24 2009, 03:45 PM
What you said just fell in line with what I was saying. You just don't care for the characters who are in focus and I can understand that completely. That makes more sense to me then the show being declared unrecognizable.
But it is. It's unrecognizable to me, LoL.

Are there characters there who've been on the show for years? Yes. But like Ellie said, when I read the spoilers, it's like, "Wow... what show is this?" It doesn't sound like Days. Some of the recognizable characters are there, but they all seem so different. Chloe is different. Kate is all over the place. Phillip is different. Stefano is different. Bo and Hope get nothing but garbage. I read the spoilers and keep wondering where the hell John, Marlena, Shawn, Belle, Jack and Jennifer are. The show in general just has a completely different feel. It doesn't feel like Days is about the Brady's and the Hortons anymore. It's like a show with a bunch of random characters and a couple of strangely written Brady's tossed in for good measure, LoL. I don't like it.
When you put it like that, I understand what your saying. I disagree (as usual) but I understand it.
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