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Owen's father
Mia's baby's father
Melanie's love interest
Dr. Baker
Dr. Richman
Father Matt
The nuns (I forget their names lol)

Out of this list, Rafe is the only one I would consider a main character. Mia was brought on the beef up the teen scene seeing that Will has no one to interact with in his age range. Everyone else on the list are day players or only serve the plot and are not main characters. I can certainly understand being down because a lot of the show's favorites are gone. I bawled like a baby when Jack/Jenn and Shane/Kim departed who were my ultimate DAYS faves. But, I'm enjoying the show. Even some of these newbies like Rafe. I must admit I can't wait to see what is in store for Owen's character. And I absolutely adore Gordon Thompson. This guy is at the top of his game. Kate just may meet her match in this one. I can actually see Kate with him. Maybe this will get her some action other than being in her kids' storylines all the time.
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