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Mothers' Day with Molly and Her Mom

April 24, 06:02 PM

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With Mother's Day fast approaching, I thought it might be fun to see how some of your Days of our Lives favorites celebrate the holiday. I am going to start off the interview with Molly Burnett and her mom, Katie.

We all know that Molly's character Melanie can be quite the troublemaker in Salem, but what's a better of way getting to know the real Molly? Asking her mother, of course!

Do you have a favorite childhood story about Molly?
When Molly was very young, she would watch the original Peter Pan (with Mary Martin) over and over again. She loved it! So I made her a little Tiger Lily costume. She was so small that I only used two American Indian print bandanas from the craft store and then sewed them together down the sides. I added some beads and some tiny bells to the bottom and then made matching hair ribbons, ankle bracelets and wristbands, also with the beads and bells. She wore it constantly. The moment she woke up in the morning, she wanted to watch Peter Pan in her tiny costume and dream that she was Tiger Lily. Truly, I had to take the costume off of her while she slept in order to wash it. It eventually became so threadbare that I had to make another. I think she went through at least three incarnations of the same little outfit until she finally moved on to another movie she liked as much!

Do you watch Molly on Days?
Yes, of course I watch her on "Days of our Lives"!! I set it for the DVR and sometimes, when she has a particularly great scene, I watch it two or three times. It's also become a favorite show for our local neighborhood -- teenagers, moms, dads, kids she grew up with -- everyone's hooked on the show now!

What is your most memorable Mother's Day with Molly?
One Mother's Day when Molly was about seven or eight years old, our family was visiting one of her grandmothers for the day. Across the street from Grandma's house is a beautiful city park. It's the kind of city park with the old-fashioned, huge, metal swing sets -- the type that really swing high up into the air. We had an especially snowy, wet spring that year and finally, near Mother's Day, the weather began to warm. We all walked to the park where Molly jumped on one of the swings. She swung so high! The warm wind was blowing through her long hair, and she had such a joyful look on her face that she captured the attention of a photographer from The Denver Post. He took one memorable shot of her and the next thing we knew, we were signing print releases, and her photo appeared in the paper! She seemed to represent the happiness the whole city was feeling on that "picture perfect" Mother's Day!

What is one thing that fans would love to know about Molly?
Fans may not know that Molly is very smart, especially in math and science. Yet, she equally loves art and anything creative. She is such a diverse person, with diverse interests. In high school she was both a homecoming princess and a regular trophy winner on the speech and debate team in the humor interpretation category. She honestly makes no personal judgments of others, but rather enjoys all kinds of people, from the popular and hip to the bookish and nerdish! She is equally at home climbing a 14,000 ft. mountain peak here in Colorado as she is curled up in an oversized chair reading Harry Potter.

I have always joked that I want to be just like her when I grow up!!!

Now, let's ask Molly some questions about her mom!

Do you have any Mother's Day traditions?

My dad, brother and I used to make mom breakfast in bed, and then we'd all jump on the trampoline outside. My dad would always tackle my brother and I, and my mom would sit in the middle of the tramp. If my brother and dad got too rough with me, she'd smack 'em; I'd jump down by her and she'd protect me.

Does your Mom offer any feedback from your work?
My mom looks at it from a mother's point of view. To this day, she can't figure out why everyone is being so mean to Melanie. We'll be watching the show and Max will yell at Melanie, so my mom will yell at the screen at Max, and I'm always like "Mom, Melanie deserves it! She locked Stephanie in a vault!" And she's always says, 'No Molly, Melanie's just troubled; her brother needs to be nice to her.' Our TIVO is stuffed with Days of our Lives episodes because she can't bring herself to delete them. I feel bad for my brother because there's never any room to tape anything else!

What important life lessons did your mom teach you?
Point blank, my mom has taught me how to be a better person. She's just so extremely selfless, and is such a beautiful person. I don't want to sound cheesy, but I'm pretty sure I hit the jackpot in the mom department. She absolutely is the most amazing woman on this planet. Both of my parents are unbelievable people, but it's my mom that would always let me get away with the stuff dad said no to! If I can be half the person my mom is, I will consider myself a lucky girl.

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