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Yeah. I'm glad Ali went against the producers and wardrobe and tore off Rafe's shirt because I think it fits with the scene as they have waited awhile to admit their feelings and give in to them. I really don't get what the big deal was anyway. The show has been putting on some racy love scenes so I would think they would be all for that. It's only a shirt, for God's sake. Talk about being cheap LOL.

I just really enjoy them as a couple. It's the first real mature relationship she has had and what I like most about is she has no secrets to keep from him. He knows her secrets and he knows who she is. There is no pretending. It's honest and genuine and I love how they have slowly built them up as a couple. I wasn't sold on them at first because they were hit and miss but I came to really enjoy them more and more as time went on, especially when I realized that the show was giving them a legit chance and giving them a slow build without Sami doing something stupid to screw it up like keeping secrets or making some of the other same mistakes she's made in the past.
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