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Apr 26 2009, 06:21 PM
^^ Nicole was the one that was so hell bent on marrying EJ, so much so she resorted to all of her schemes, she is not innocent in all of this. And if life is so sucky w/ EJ, well then maybe she needs to tell the truth already. In regards to Sami and Rafe, and not letting Rafe be tested w/ another female besides Sami, I have to agree. They have not resolved EJami yet, but they bring on yet another guy for Sami? Why in fucks sake for?

Who said Nicole was innocent? It sure wasn't me. What does EJ dreaming of octomom have to do with her lying about the kid? Nothing. Besides, I think that EJ is doing some rather questionable things himself. He's lying, scheming, having dudes beat up, and ordering hits. So, that kind of puts him the same position as Nicole IMO. Tit for tat. As fine as Brady :rockon: is, Nicole doesn't have visions of him dancing in her head while she's doing the tango with EJ. That's just tacky on EJ's part. Who wants a man that's fantasizing over another? I don't care who the joker is; he can definitely take a serious dive over the nearest cliff. EJ/Nicole are two peas in a pod when it comes to badness, but Nicole only digs EJ. So, she needs to grab Pookie and find a man who truly understands that a true relationship doesn't have room for three. I don't believe either EJ or Sami have that mute point figured out. I do agree that they need to stop with all these men folk for Sami. Give the girl one man and let her stick with him. Geez.
I most certainly understand your frustration over EJ dreaming of Sami while making love to Nicole, but I believe this relationship was doomed from the moment EJ rebounded w/ Nicole and called out Sami's name, can you really be surprised that he is still dreaming about her?? As for the tit for tat, that is usually reserved for when people are doing things against each other. Nicole is doing things (maybe not to get at EJ) but she is doing these things without him knowing. The beating up Brady, shooting Phillip etc.. had nothing to do w/ Nicole, so you can't use the "Tit for tat" comment to describe both their actions, because they really having nothing to do w/ each other.
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