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I think the concept of "end-game" couples on Days and perhaps soap wide is a thing of the past, which I am not altogether displeased about. Frankly, I find the supercouple concept boring and predictable over time.

I have to say even though I am not an Ejami fan, I find the storytelling perplexing and constant retconning annoying and I am not taking about the "R" word. That was an unfortunate storyline twist that should have never happened. I didn't love the resolution and half-assed way they dealt with it, but I'm over it and I understand that others aren't and I can respect that. The retconning I hate is the notion that they had this great passionate love in the past that Samantha and others acknowledge. Also that Samantha ever made any affirmative, vocal, undeniable and binding proclamation of love to EJ's face. That never happened and it annoys me to no end everytime this is alluded to.

The part I find perplexing is why go through the Sami drops another fetal load from her clown car of a uterus just to bring along another viable love interest for Sami. It is almost as if TPTB are determined to not have them be together. Frankly, I was at the shit or get off the pot point with these two over a year ago. I really thought they had one clean shot to get these two together when Lucas went away to jail for all those months. At that time they should have been bonding and growing closer, but instead we had little to no movement for much of that time and Sami's constant bitchface. It wasn't until two weeks before Lucas came back that we had any significant progress that subsequently went right out the window upon Lucas' return. At that point I was just really done with this pair.

I don't even know how an Ejami union (can't call it a reunion since they were never really together) can happen at this point. I really don't want EJ redeemed or "saved from the DiMeras" because I just love him as a bad guy and apparently so does JS. Plus someone younger has to assume the mantle from JM as the antagonist of the show, why not JS? Also, I don't see TPTB backing off their ill-conceived notion of Sami being the romantic heroine of the show. Add to all this the show moving away from the DiMera vs. Brady war to the DiMera vs. Kiriakis war and it just makes me wonder.
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