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I agree, about the "Sami saying I love you but we never saw it" as an EJami fan, I've longed for that day, and it sucks that it has been alluded to, yet it happened off screen.

As for EJ assuming Stefano's role. I don't believe James Scott wants his character completely bad, infact he has said as much, I do think he enjoys playing the darker shades of gray, as opposed to the white washed version we've seen, but he mentioned, he didn't want EJ to go back to the murdering rapist he was written as before. I believe James wants EJ to be a as he said "bad boy with a heart", not the antagonist of the show. But ultimately, unfortunately, it's not up to James. I can only hope that TPTB heed the wishes of James, and not make his character so evil.
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