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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS:Spoilers for wk of April 27th

Apr 26 2009, 03:06 PM
Well, thank you Dr. Phil. ^o) And to think you've come to that diagnosis of 98% of all those who find Rafe boring in your long career of...what is that? 84 posts to date? :lol:
So the more posts a person has the more valid their opinion? That makes a lot of sense.
Than you shystarter,, LOL .. I got a chuckle out of that myself and was like WTF does that even matter.
Is there post validation requirement? Does having 84 posts mean I dont watch soaps? Ive only been watching 25 years give or take maybe IM not qualified.. :scared:

And "SocRMom" talk about your Dr Phil .. hahahhaaaaaa.. Hey Pot meet Kettle..
That was quite an explanation of why Sami does what she does,and when she does it and how ofcourse it all points to her "love for" EJ. :sheep:

**Oh one more thing .. the "98%: its called a "Generalization" kinda like a estimate the number was put there to indicate the sweeping difference in the scale. Had I known it would be taken for "fact" I would have said it in more general terms.**

And why is it that people feel that Sami's baby will mean more to him then the child he thinks he already has with Nicole? That if he only "knew" Sami also was pregnant and had a baby he would walk away from the mother (or so he thinks) of his other child.. who also happenes to be his wife, the woman he keeps saying "I love you" to.
Ofcourse when he finds out about Nicoles lie he will be furious.. But to imagine that he wont be furious with Sami over her lies to me (Dr Phil) Ludicrous.

**this might make 85 posts *on *THIS* board, perhaps in a few years I may have enough that my opinion qualifies** :'(
I guess my years posting at other boards dont count as me being qualified either.. ~sighs~
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