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Apr 26 2009, 07:34 PM
Taelyn, you were making a generalization about a fanbase, and you don't have the "numbers" to back it up with. No one, and I mean no one, should make comments referencing numbers, when they can't back it up. You are not taking into account the GA's POV. I think the best thing everyone can do is just speak for your self, and not for everyone else, or who you think is "everyone else". That will keep the bickering down at least.
If you look at my OP it was based on my "opinion" Im entitled to have an opinion on other fanbases, much the same as Ejami's have opinions and speak them often and loud and often rudely to anyone who is a NON Ejami..And we have to read generalzations every day alwys assuming we MUST be Lumi's.. Now is this every Ejami ?? NO.. ofcourse not, but Ive been around long enough and to enough different sites to have my own perspective of percentages.
And I do respect their POV, and Im fine with everyone liking who they like. But Im just as within my rights to be pumped for my couple and root for them, and say why I feel as I do as any Ejami.

I was just sharing my POV when SocRMom was rude to me. And to my knowledge there is no rule about postng numbers or opinions about numbers especially when they are offered as "opinions"

Im not here to bicker.. just here to converse and talk about My favorite couple, Just like Ejami fans.
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