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Apr 26 2009, 06:28 PM
I don't even know how an Ejami union (can't call it a reunion since they were never really together) can happen at this point. I really don't want EJ redeemed or "saved from the DiMeras" because I just love him as a bad guy and apparently so does JS. Plus someone younger has to assume the mantle from JM as the antagonist of the show, why not JS? Also, I don't see TPTB backing off their ill-conceived notion of Sami being the romantic heroine of the show. Add to all this the show moving away from the DiMera vs. Brady war to the DiMera vs. Kiriakis war and it just makes me wonder.
really? if they dropped a five ton anvil they couldn't be more obvious about it and as for what JS wants or doesn't want, I hardly think that's the point any longer. It's what Tomlin wants and writing EJ into a corner when they have him go BSC might be amusing to watch and then what? The antagonists on this show never stay for long without turning into a joke. The only exception has been Victor, who wasn't being written by these clowns and after a certain point stayed because he was no longer in that role.
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