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Apr 25 2009, 05:14 PM
Apr 25 2009, 12:23 PM
Apr 25 2009, 11:05 AM
Hold up. What's the deal about AS ripping a shirt off? Did I miss something? When did she rip off his shirt?
It was reported in Nelson's column. Ali and Galen were taping some upcoming love scenes and she wanted to rip open his shirt. I guess the wardrobe people said no because they wanted to be able to reuse the shirt Galen was wearing or something but when the scenes were taped Ali ended up ripping off Galen's shirt anyway LOL. As I said, considering how racy the love scenes have gotten under Tomlin, you would think the producers would've interjected and been fine with it but I guess not. Nonetheless, Ali did it anyway and I'm glad she did because it works well for the scenes.

The reason the show needs multiple items of clothing slated to be destroyed in filming has nothing to do with the cost of the shirt. It has to do with filming. If they have to re-shoot that scene, add filler flashback scenes or tape out of sequence shots for scenes earlier in that day the show is screwed.

I don't see how they are screwed LOL.

Chances are you can find another shirt just like the one that is ripped. That is why I think that is being cheap, especially when they ruin clothing all the time with makeup and fake blood and all that shit. It just really makes no sense to me, unless the shirt is one of a kind and custom made or some shit like that.
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