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Apr 26 2009, 08:56 PM
Apr 26 2009, 08:51 PM
Apr 26 2009, 08:36 PM
Chances are you can find another shirt just like the one that is ripped. That is why I think that is being cheap, especially when they ruin clothing all the time with makeup and fake blood and all that shit. It just really makes no sense to me, unless the shirt is one of a kind and custom made or some shit like that.
Well, if they were about to shoot the scene, and they only had one shirt, and Ali asked if she could rip it, that would mean they couldn't do a second take if they had to. That's kind of a risk... I can see why they said no. Seriously, if something went wrong in the first take, what would they do? They couldn't start the scene with a ripped shirt, and if Galen had been wearing the shirt for multiple scenes (or episodes) prior to that, they'd be stuck. It's not like they could just run to the mall between takes.
Perhaps but they've done stuff like that before so I don't get why it would be so different now. There were numerous sex scenes last year where the shirt on a male was wrecked in some way either by the woman ripping it off and the buttons flying all over (and I don't think they want to put the buttoms back on nor do they have time for that) or the shirt being just plain old ripped in some way.

I can't believe I'm so bored tonight that I'm arguing about this :laugh: .

LOL, it is a slow night.

OK, they have multiples items of clothing if something is slated to be destroyed.

What were they supposed to do if they needed to retape? Go back and reshoot everything that happened prior to that day with a new shirt? Stop taping while a tailor sewed the garment back together or put the taping off for another day so that they could find another shirt like that one on the internet because chances are its an item of clothing that had been in the wardrobe closet for a couple of seasons.

Ali took a risk and I hope the scenes plays well enough to warrant it but since this is Ali we are talking about it doesn't really matter does it?
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