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Apr 26 2009, 08:25 PM
Though Sami did not/has not declared her love for EJ out loud to him, I believe that by making love with him last May, that was her way of giving in to that love and her admission of it. No, not everyone who makes love is in love, but in Sami's case, I believe she loves EJ, and she let US know that, by making love with him.

Since Stephano's return, I believe EJ has been continually brainwashed by his father.

EJ had changed and showed it in many ways, beginning with turning on his father and telling Marlena about John. He was totally there for Sami and the kids when Lucas was sent to prison. This IS the real EJ - not the lying, hit ordering, beating people up, guy we see right now. Had Stephano not come back, what kind of story would be happening between these two? Sami would have told him about her pregnancy and all this hiding crap would be over or would have never happened.

As long as Stephano is around, I don't think we will be seeing any EJAMIness.

Which is sad cause Rafe and Sami are just so very dull, to me.
In the words of Sami Brady herself regarding that night.

"Sometimes Sex..Is just Sex..Dont make it into something its not"

So in Sami's eyes she was horny and gettin a little sexual release.. She refused to consider it more then that, and while she said "she did have to feel something to sleep with him, she didnt love him".

Those are Sami's words.

Now that said, around this time I just wanted TPTB to make up their mind I didnt care who she was with anymore, I just wanted off the rollercoaster. I was never a Lumi, and while I prefered him to EJ I was perfectly happy with the Idea of Sami alone too. But mostly I just wanted someone to make up their minds, atleast for a week ot two.
But at this point for me, I see no way they can return to any chance at Ejami. Sami wont choose to live with a man like EJ, And He wont ever be the kind of man she would want him to be. Somethings cant be undone.. And the writers have chosen the path for EJ.
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