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Apr 26 2009, 07:36 PM
I have no idea how many posts I have. I don't post here often, although I lurk regularly. However, I'm going to wade into the does Sami love EJ waters.

No, I don't think she does. I think she wants to care about him because he's Johnny's father (and now Grace's, or so she thinks), but she doesn't trust him and ultimately, I don't think she really likes him very much, either. Sami may not be a good girl, but I think she generally wants to do the right thing (at least as she sees it). And she knows that EJ is dangerous and entirely too comfortable living the DiMera life to ever be a good choice for a life partner.

That doesn't mean she won't try to "protect" him from Nicole, who she hates and distrusts. It doesn't mean she's not torn about the children they share. But I've never once thought she loved him because Ali doesn't play Sami that way.

I thought there was a time they could have been a very interesting couple, and I was all for watching that unfold. Unfortunately, for me, the rape ripped that possibility to shreds. Had they played the story differently over the ensuing years, and given EJ a true, remorseful redemption (similar to Jack Deveraux's, for instance), I might have bought an EJami pairing. But they didn't, and the chemistry I remember from the tango on the pier just never regained its former glory. I lost interest in seeing them paired, preferring even Lucas to EJ for Sami, and I was never a Lumi fan. Do I think Rafe is her soulmate? No, probably not. I can even see the flaws in GG's acting and in the shallow development of his character. But when Sami and Rafe are together, I believe that they really care about each other and find each other attractive. I don't see that anymore with EJ/Sami or Lucas/Sami. So while I'm not a diehard Safe fan, I think it's a viable, watchable relationship, and I don't have any problem with rooting for Rafe's character to be developed more so that maybe it'll turn into something special.

Back to lurking in three...two...one...
I agree, this is such a wonderful post and relates to all of my thoughts except I am a Safe fan lol, thanks. I was an Ejami fan even after that day because I thought that a strong story could be told. I think both James and Ali were cheated out of powerful scenes concerning that night and could have made Ejami one to remember without the stigma of just that night. JMO
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