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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Apr 26 2009, 08:25 PM
Though Sami did not/has not declared her love for EJ out loud to him, I believe that by making love with him last May, that was her way of giving in to that love and her admission of it. No, not everyone who makes love is in love, but in Sami's case, I believe she loves EJ, and she let US know that, by making love with him.

Since Stephano's return, I believe EJ has been continually brainwashed by his father.

EJ had changed and showed it in many ways, beginning with turning on his father and telling Marlena about John. He was totally there for Sami and the kids when Lucas was sent to prison. This IS the real EJ - not the lying, hit ordering, beating people up, guy we see right now. Had Stephano not come back, what kind of story would be happening between these two? Sami would have told him about her pregnancy and all this hiding crap would be over or would have never happened.

As long as Stephano is around, I don't think we will be seeing any EJAMIness.

Which is sad cause Rafe and Sami are just so very dull, to me.
This is a really great post and I pretty much agree with all of it.

I don't think I can ever really believe anything Sami says regarding relationships because she's a pathological liar and seems to have bipolar disorder so that's why I don't/won't accept Sami's claim after sleeping with EJ that it was "just sex" as Sami is not and has never been a girl with one night stands just out to have fun and get laid rather than a complete, and sometimes psychotically so i.e. her relationship with Austin, romantic. That said, her action of sleeping with EJ while it showed she was willing to accept she loved him in the moment, I think she showed we was also certainly not over Lucas and not totally willing to give into her love of EJ by running after him after he came home from prison.

Really though I don't think Sami is capable of loving EJ at this point just as I don't think she's capable of loving anyone because she doesn't love herself. That's why she's always self-sabotaging any chance of a healthy relationship with any of the men in her stable and always juggling them.

She doesn't know how to love. All she knows how to do is string men along and get attention from them so that's what she goes with, without any concern for how poorly neglected and screwed up her litter is going to be as a result of her impulsive actions. Then when one of them gets fed up or tries to move on she puts on the waterworks or gets on her knees or begs or creates some big scene long enough to convince her she has that guy wrapped around her finger again and then she moves on to the next one.

The question is with this show ever allow Sami any sort of growth in relationships before this show gets cancelled. Honestly, I kind of doubt it.
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