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Apr 27 2009, 10:50 AM
Thanks for posting ....

You know when JKJ last December cleaned out his dressing room and left angry and then he came back I thought TPTB are going to phase out Phillip when it suits them. I think this new character will come in and will in a sense phase Phillip out!
Why would they have re-signed JKJ if they just wanted to phase Philip out? If they were pissed at him for storming out of his dressing room--if that even happened--and thought he wasn't a team player deserving of one of Corday's t-shirts or whatever, why re-sign him at all? It would have been easy enough to phase him out then as his relationship with Stephanie was still very new and would hardly even have warranted an explanation if Stephanie suddenly "lost" him. Not to mention which even if they were mad at Jay that doesn't mean they wouldn't have recast--there were reports at the time of others who read for the role. I don't think they were phasing out Philip at all, nor do I think they're doing so in the future. If they wanted to do that I'd have thought the DiMera hit would have been a great time to do that--it would have given the feud incredibly high stakes.
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