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What was more telling than even the stairwell scene was when Sami stayed with Lucas in the cabin while she was hiding her pregnancy from EJ. Numerous times Lucas told her to tell EJ and you could see how much she really wanted to tell him. But while trying to tell him and finding him naked with Nicole, and then the mayor's murder, yada yada yada, it did not happen.

Don't forget, when EJ found out Nic was pregnant, he came to the cabin to tell Sami everything was a mess, he was distraught about the fact Nic was pregnant and he didn't know what to do. Sami told him he needed to move on with Nic, but in doing so, she was holding back tears the entire time. She didn't want EJ to pick her just because she was pregnant too.

I think part of her has turned to Rafe because she wants a man who doesn't want anyone else and like it or not, EJ did move on with Nicole. Of course, he still loves Sami and this complicates matters even more.

Why Nicole married him while knowing this, and believe me she does, all to achieve her idea of a "perfect" family is silly. No real woman would marry someone knowing of their unresolved feelings for someone else. She should have run off with Brady who loves her and only her.
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