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Apr 26 2009, 05:32 PM
Well love them or hate them Safe is comming! :laugh: And Sami is going after her man! :wub: EJ has just got married. That is going to continue for a while yet and Safe is just moving to the next level! Philip has just been shot, Brady has just been beaten, and who knows what is going to happen to Stephanie!

These are Sami's ex-bro-in-law and uncle's brother, her step bro and soon cousin. Her family and EJ has hurt them and has not finished yet. She tells Rafe on Monday's eppy that what really got her about EJ was the cold blooded way he got dressed in his tux for the wedding and kneeled before God all calm and collected knowing he had ordered a murder!! :scared:

I see no Ejami in the foreseable future unless he kidnaps her, brainwashes her or lies and lies and lies to her denying his involvement with all of these crimes. Lies NEVER last they are always found out like the immigration thingy. Rafe and Sami have no secrets [at this stage] and no lies. It is honest and I think Sami finds that a challenge because she is so good at lying! :tounge:

EJ buys Sami's lies and Nicoles too - I mean the baby bump for 4 months :lol:
She cannot get lies past Rafe he sees through them and he challenges her to 'try the truth for a change' . She wants him as a positive father figure for Grace - EJ is a mobster killer no role model there - poor Sydney stuck in that evil house! I think when Sami finds out Sydney is her she'll want to get her away from living full time at the Dimera's not go and live if that hell hole herself Will, Ali and Johnny - Please - aint' gonna happen.
i dunno sami has always forgiven him in the past regardless of what heinous thing he did. :D and as for the whole family loyalty thing well lets see first off brady knew that sami was in the wp and then he knew when she got out yet he didnt go see her till about a month after she was out and i think that was just a run in at the pub. didnt seem to be too worried that she was almost killed, no he had better things to do like tag along after his new bff, sami's #1 enemy and listen to her bad mouth sami every other second and never once did i hear him stand up for her. also he still was talking to nichole even after philip got shot at and she is with ej. also they make it seem like he is gonna hook up with nichole even after the whole she stole his sisters baby thing so i really dont think she owes it to him outta loyalty to stay away from ej just cus he beat him up for hanging around his finance trying to get her to leave him the day of their wedding. family loyalty seems to be a one way street when it comes to sami and thats why i never thought she should be too overly worried that she loved ej because really in my opinion her family doesnt deserve it and they are never standing up for her when she needs it or others are badmouthing her so boo hoo if she loves a man that isnt their best friend. im sure they will find some excuse like they always do to explain why ej acted that way and to give a reason why sami would be with him again. i think its kinda lame that they have to do this in order to keep ejami seperated and the excuses are pretty lame as well but hey we cant write this thing so we just have hang threw some dumb stuff for this couple cus theyre friggen hot, interesting, and they sure in the heck beats snoozefeast safe and tashy trainwreck ejoke!
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