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Apr 27 2009, 02:43 PM
Not surprising at all, but it's still disrespectful. It's disrespectful to the fans of the character and fans of the show. When you have a character that's so important to the show's tapestry as Mickey Horton, you do something with them. Otherwise, give them a meaningful exit. The one thing you should never do is just have them fade into the woodwork never to be heard from again as if they never existed in the first place. It's a slap in the face, not only to the actor(s) who played the character, but it's also a slap in the face to longtime fans of the show who appreciate the history and the Mickey/Maggie pairing.
Oh, I agree completely! What I meant was that sadly, this just follows the current trend of letting all significant characters just fade away. I think with Mickey, they should have given the character closure when John Clarke left. I think they should have killed Mickey, truthfully. When someone's played a character that long, it really doesn't make sense imo to recast. Instead they ignored Mickey for years, for example just showing a picture on the Horton fireplace of Maggie by herself. It looked silly, and then recasting after that made even less sense.
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