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I don't think it's a case of forgetting him because they are using Maggie alot and it makes it more glaring because of that. I just think they don't care anymore and they realize Dobson was not the right choice. Plus, I remember reading how he lived out in NY and was doing other things out there and that he only took the gig because it wasn't a heavy workload so maybe the show just hated going through all that, kind of like Andrea Evans and OLTL. He worked on OLTL when Higley was there so I think he was her move but with her not being in complete control, I'm not shocked he isn't being used. He has not been used since Tomlin came on and Higley did use him. Maggie doesn't even mention him anymore. There has been no mention since Christmas, I believe. It seems the show has interest in the Horton's so I don't see it having anything to do with not wanting them, at least not any moreso then the last few regimes.

I like Dobson but not as Mickey. I really don't understand why they bothered recasting. I gave it a chance but it's just stupid to even bother. I mean, I liked Ingle at times and he did see more airtime (thanks to the Bonnie stuff) but he still wasn't Mickey. Clarke is and will always be Mickey and, I hate to say this, but they should've just killed him off when they had the chance. That way there would be no problem and we wouldn't have to go through all this junk with Mickey being MIA. Now, it's hard to do that because Frances is not able to work and the last thing anyone wants, even if she could work, is to see her mourning her onscreen right now. It's just a mess now. They are better off just leaving it alone and just mentioning him in passing. I've gotten used to the stupid excuses by now anyway.

Oh, how I wish Clarke could return just for holidays and special engagements. It's a really a shame that the character has been reduced to what he's been reduced to.
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