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First off, I really hope the show works out for him. It sounds kind of generic but I will give it a chance and he sounds perfect for the character he is playing because Darin can play goofy really well. he does remind me a bit of a Ryan Reynolds sort of actor in a way.

Having said that, this was a weird interview. It supports his saying that he really didn't want to leave. All along, he's seemed interested in trying to do both but I think the show may not have been keen on that due to scheduling but also because I think maybe they just wanted to give Max and Chelsea a happy ending. They may have felt it kind of gave her a better exit story and I don't think they quite knew what to do with Max with her gone. They said they would bring someone else in but Corday seemed to like Max and Chelsea so maybe he felt this was best and Tomlin and co agreed. I appreciate Darin apologizing to the fans and acknowledging how hard this is. You can tell he loves the show and what it and the fans have done for him. I think if the show flops, he will see if anything else is out there and, if not, then he will return, if the show will have him. I feel the same about Melvin too, which means we could see them back together. They can easily write them back in but we'll see. I think the show may be happy since it cuts cast a bit and they seem to like the smaller cast. I do too. it keeps things focused and balanced and I think it's easier on the writers, which leads to better quality.

Liked his comments about Billy Warlock. They really did have a nice sibling chemistry and worked well off each other. He's really high on Roscoe Born but he's been since he came on. I guess I can see that because Roscoe helped drive what was the only real Max story Darin had, meaning a story that was not about him in a romance or anything like that. It was about his character and his history and he seemed to really enjoy that. I only wish they had gone further with that and developed him more. The character was hurt big time by regime changes and never got properly developed. Having said that, glad he submitted the scenes he did for the Emmy's. Those were his best work and I think he has a shot.

Liked his comments about his castmates. I think he really wanted to work with Ari more. He's been talking about her alot since she returned LOL. They would be kind of hot. Also liked the mention of the writing not always being there and being crazy and the mention of dating his nieces LOL. I also appreciate his work in Tag The World. Seems like many Days actors are involved. Anyway, I had read somewhere that his last airdate would be in June so it sounds about right, especially since they are likely taping late May now and Rachel Melvin said she was coming back to tape a few episodes in May so that should put his exit and Chelsea's final exit in June, probably early in the month. I will miss him and only wish the character had gotten better. He had so much potential. Darin is talented and I wish him the best and hope he and Rachel will return someday.
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