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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS:Gordon Thomson to play Owen's father
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Apr 28 2009, 01:00 PM
Apr 21 2009, 04:42 PM
Grrrrr...they keep adding new people, and cutting all the vets. I remember Gordon Thompson from Dynasty...he must be ancient by now. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
Thanks for posting, Angie
I don't understand why they are dding new characters that mean nothing to the core families of Salem when supposed cost cutting led to the firing of beloved vets.N wonder Days is over and out next year :drunk:
First off. the vets cost more then any young actors or new actors they bring in, unless you are bringing in a high priced veteran actor for a long-term run. In regards to Thomson, he's either going to be here for a few episodes or likely on a recurring basis so this will not cost them anywhere near as much as Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, etc. The show went through this in the 80's and 90's. It's not a new process. If you want to argue it was handled better in the past, I can agree with that to an extent but it has been done before.

Having said that, I still don't see where they are going nuts with bringing people in. Sure, they have gradually but many have been short-term and those that are long-term have been introduced slowly. They are also bringing a young Horton doctor on in the future as a love interest for Melanie so I think the show will tie to the families on the canvas when need be. I don't blame them for going more with new characters. After all the problems with incest in the past few years, the show needs to steer clear of bringing on too many people from the same families and, to be honest, I prefer not to see too many more Brady/Horton couplings or pairings because I think there are too many as is.

I also wouldn't be so sure about Days leaving the air in 2010. It's budget is under control now and it's demos and ratings have them in a much better position. They are doing much better financially then they were and they are definitely a more appealing package now to other networks then they were before. As long as they keep the budget in check and continue on the path there are on, they should be fine and, at the very least, I think they will find a new home if NBC gets rid of them. People were so sure Days was a goner in 2009 but they were wrong and that was in a period of time where the show's budget was a mess and the ratings were not trending quite so positively. If Days can survive the past few renewals, it can survive another.
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