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Apr 28 2009, 02:12 PM
My main problem with the turnover is that instead of having the vets gradually go and newbies gradually come in , it was all done is a span of a few months.

Changes are abrupt and they shouldn't be expecting most people to like that. Character development is the key to success and when you throw in a bunch of new characters especially characters with no ties on the show , it takes an amount of time for people to get warmed up to them.

If the characters are well-developped, I won't complain but if they are just thrown around, being on five days a week, without actual development, expect complaints. The writers need to give me a reason to care about those characters.
I agree 100%, which is why I said if you want to argue the tunrovers in the past have been much better executed, I would agree with that.

Unfortunately, the show wasted too much time trying to live in the past. This turnover should've began years ago but the show didn't have the right leadership that would take a risk like that. By the time they got a risktaker like Tomlin, the financial situation had gotten so bad that Days had to be drastic. I blame Corday for that. Had this process began years ago, I think it would've been better. Alas, it didn't and I don't think it's been that bad other then the horrible exits given to popular characters. There really isn't that many new characters to speak of and the ones there are seem to have strong followings already for the most. As I said, the new characters have not been shoved down fans' throats either. Rafe was worked gradually in due to Ali's leave and his run began when most of the vets were still around. Will isn't exactly new but we don't see much of him and, when we do, he's in scenes with familiar characters and he has ties to the canvas. Mia is not on much. Arianna is tied to Rafe but, again, we barely see her. Who knows about Owen yet but we've only seen bits and pieces this far so he's barely on.

I can understand the new character argument if these characters are hogging the frontburner but they are not. Even Melanie has seen a major reduction in airtime.
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