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Well, yeah, none of the new characters are hogging airtime a la Melanie last fall.

But, I'm anticipating an influx of newbies hogging airtime during summer. Will/Mia and friends will be front and center same for Owen and his dad (I heard that he will have much more airtime due to DB leaving) , same with Arianna ( who is more likely to kinda fill the void of Chelsea) and now the rumors about an love interest for Melanie.

Let's not forget that Melanie is still fairly new ( less than a year to be exact) and with Max leaving and her having no family on the show kills her character development.
I think that she has potential but they will need to find a way to flesh her character a little more. I really liked the bro/sis chemistry she had with Max...

Also, about the turnover and how they waisted time on the past, I don't agree. The past is needed for the future. And I think Days did a great job with the Last Blast generation.

Problem is they had trouble keeping the popular actors and pairings and they all pretty much left in a short time span. It gave Days a blow and we are still reeling from that.

They gave it another shot with the Sorority/College generation. It was hopeful with kids of popular couples such as Abby and Steph. And they had an awesome anchor couple with Chick. But again, a mix of bad writing and actors leaving happened.

And now, here we are with a mix of a new generation upon us. Will being the kid of a big couple and Mia.. Also, there are still some remains of the previous generation with Stephanie being their new younger leading lady...

I think it's a big mistake that lots of those kids are without parents in town. The parents helped shape a character. That's why most of us cared for Shawn -D , Belle, Phil, Brady and Chloe.
Same could be said for Abby, Chelsea and Stephanie.Speaking of which, it was a big mistake not to have Steve and Kayla there for her lately.

I thought the character of Stephanie was a little more interesting when she had her parents. Remember the rape and how she talked to her mom and how her dad took it. We need these moments to get attached to the newer characters.The way they interact with established characters helps.

I could go on and on about it but I guess I got to my point.
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