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CDN TV Guide spoilers

Chloe and Daniel try to asses Kate's secrecy; Nicole and Dr. Baker battle over what should be done about the baby switch.

Rafe promises to take care of Dr. Baker when Sami fears her secret will be told; Victor throws a party for Philip and Stephanie.

A Kiriakis spy infiltrates the DiMera ranks; Arianna makes some interesting observations about Sami and Nicole.

Owen's plan to kidnap Stephanie goes awry; Nicole pledges her undying support to EJ's plan.

Owen kidnaps Stephanie and takes her to the morgue; Will escorts Mia to a 12-step program.

SOW Spoilers

Week of May 11th

- Stephanie makes a decision.
- Dr. Baker tells Nicole he's leaving.
- Mia shares her past with Brady.
- EJ solves Stefano's clue.

**UPDATED 5/5**

Soaps.com spoilers

The Week of May 11:

Arianna breaks up a confrontation between Sami and Nicole.

EJ gets help in bringing down the Kiriakis family.

Melanie is upset to learn about Philip and Stephanie's engagement.

Caroline gives Stephanie friendly advice about the Kirikais men.

Victor demands EJ turn over DiMera Enterprises to him in exchange for Stephanie.

Thursday May 14:

Bo has another vision- about Ciara, this time.

Friday May 15:

Owen drugs Stephanie and kidnaps her from the Kiriakis manse.


**UPDATED 5/6**


- Mia tells Brady the truth about her past.
- Dr. Baker tells Nicole he's leaving town.
- EJ deciphers a cryptic clue from Stefano.


- Lucas grows wary of Daniel.
- Victor pressures EJ to sign over DiMera enterprises.
- Stefano dreams he's dead.
- Arianna breaks up a confrontation between Sami and Nicole.
- Bo has a vision involving Ciara.
- Mia fesses up to Brady about her past.

Daily spoilers

Monday, May 11th
Lucas asks Kate why her feelings for Chloe have changed; Nicole makes a deal with Dr. Baker; E.J. rejects Victor's plan; Max worries about Chelsea; Bo has a confusing vision.

Tuesday, May 12th
Nicole goes to the hospital to check on Dr. Baker; Sami worries that she and Grace will be in danger when she sees Dr. Baker at the hospital; Victor throws an impromptu party when Stephanie accepts Philip's proposal.

Wednesday, May 13th
Stephanie and Philip talk about their future; E.J. convinces Owen to carry out the first part of his plan; Rafe asks Dr. Baker to leave town; Sami runs into Nicole.

Thursday, May 14th
Philip passes out; Melanie is saddened when she learns that Stephanie and Philip are engaged; Victor tells Stefano that E.J. is running out of time; Bo's vision makes him feel uneasy.

Friday, May 15th
Philip becomes irritable and irrational; Sami goes to the DiMera mansion to confront E.J.; Will wants to resume his friendship with Mia; Melanie finds out that Brady is a recovering addict.

*Updated 5/9*

More Daily spoilers

Monday, May 11th[/b]
Victor demands that EJ sign over all of DiMera Enterprises in exchange for Stefano; Lucas asks Kate why her feelings for Chloe have changed; Dr. Baker and Nicole strike a deal; Max confides his worry to Bo and Hope about not hearing from Chelsea.

Tuesday, May 12th
Caroline warns Stephanie about life with a Kiriakis man; Sami panics when she sees Dr. Baker at the hospital; EJ deliberates his next move; Nicole goes to check on Dr. Baker.

Wednesday, May 13th
EJ enlists help to bring down the Kiriakis family; Arianna breaks up a heated confrontation between Sami and Nicole; Philip and Stephanie discuss their future; Nicole and Dr. Baker clash at the hospital; Rafe suggests to Dr. Baker that he leave town.

Thursday, May 14th
Bo has a vision involving Ciara; Melanie is disheartened to learn of Philip and Stephanie's engagement; Stefano dreams that he's dead; Bo and Hope try to persuade Victor to end the feud; Nicole sees a new side of EJ that she likes.

Friday, May 15th
Owen drugs Stephanie and kidnaps her from the Kiriakis mansion; Sami realizes something is going on involving Stefano; Will wants Mia to resume their friendship, and she is forced into allowing him to come to a meeting for recovering addicts.
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