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Please link to DR.

This week's SOD and SOW both feature an interview with Ari Zucker.

Nicole learns that EJ plans to investigate Dr. Baker, because Stefano had been collecting information on him before he left. Zucker says that Nicole is very anxious about this, and Nicole tries to convince EJ that Dr. Baker is not worth investigating.

Nicole then meets with Dr. Baker and tells him to leave Salem immediately. However, Dr. Baker refuses, telling Nicole that this new job is a wonderful opportunity for him. He tells Nicole that it's her job to keep their secret from EJ.

As Nicole is talking to Dr. Baker, she sees Sami and Rafe nearby. Nicole gets Dr. Baker to leave before Sami can see him. Zucker explains, "Dr. Baker delivered Sydney when Sami gave birth. If Sami sees him with Nicole, she'll become suspicious."

Nicole returns home to more bad news: EJ has invited Dr. Baker to the DiMera mansion to talk to him. "If Dr. Baker feels cornered, Nicole is so screwed," Zucker says. "What does he have to protect her for? He'll save himself."

EJ begins to grill Dr. Baker, but then EJ is called away on business. Nicole again tries to convince Dr. Baker to leave, and she offers to pay him off. She asks him to follow her upstairs so she can get the money. But as they're going up the stairs, he tells her he wants more money, and Nicole doesn't have as much as he's requesting. He turns to leave, but then Nicole accidentally pushes him down the stairs! Zucker explains that it's an accident: "Seriously, he turned around and fell! It's not [Nicole's] fault the guy doesn't know how to walk down stairs!"

Nicole wants to leave Dr. Baker lying at the bottom of the stairs, because as Zucker says, "If Dr. Baker is dead, which Nicole thinks he might be, she doesn't want to be caught there." But then Mary comes in, so Nicole can't leave. She asks Mary to call 911. Zucker says that "Nicole is always in the wrong place at the wrong time... It's like every single day something really awful happens in Nicole's life and she has to find a way to deal with it."

Later, at the hospital, Dr. Baker wakes up and accuses Nicole of having pushed him down the stairs. Nicole denies it and tells Dr. Baker one more time that he must leave Salem. Zucker says, "If EJ finds out what Dr. Baker did, it's going to be the end of the line for him. It doesn't matter what Nicole did; Dr. Baker will still go down. EJ will kill him."

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