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This week's SOD features an interview with Rachel Melvin where she discusses her exit from Days.

- Melvin says her last day on the show was the day everyone found out Darin Brooks was leaving. "They asked me to come back for two days in May, to close out Max's story, so my last day really wasn't my last day. But I treated it like it was my last day and I think it fit my character's emotion better."

- Melvin says her final scenes were "more emotional" because Melvin does not know when her next acting job will be.

- Melvin's plans do not include another soap. She says she wants to "stray from the soap path" for a year, but she may end up coming back to daytime if she finds that that's what she liked best. However, she wants to explore other areas first.

- Melvin then discusses what she won't miss about Days. "To be quite honest, I won't miss the inconsistencies with characterization, which comes with any show that's on any day." She says that no one in particular is to be blamed for that, but she explains that it was very frustrating for her to have to justify things that her character would do one day, and then the next day her character would have to do the opposite "with just as much conviction, but no addressing the fact that she's being a total hypocrite".

- Melvin had planned to take the name card from her dressing room door, but she says that Molly Burnett texted her that the show removed it. She says it "broke [her] heart a little", and at that point, she thought, "Wow. I'm really gone."

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