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Apr 28 2009, 06:11 PM
I'm not really a ejami fan anymore due to the time that has gone by and the fact that they have never been together truly. But a thought crossed my mind. What if we have all been fooled and EJ is not really a bad guy again but been brainwashed by Stefano (like others have been in the past like hope believing she's princess gina). We all know that ever since the mayors murder EJ has not been himself, the true EJ we all know would have never fell for the lies Nicole has told. Or even better maybe EJ has a evil twin cousin(like andre?) and EJ is being held prisoner some where. LOL ,
Higley is not that clever. She is just a schitzo. :drunk: She made E.J. into a dumb ass who marries a woman he full-well knows only cares about money, because she had told him so when she was his client. So when all of her bull is exposed (I am especially appalled by how she bullies around Mia) and E.J. dumps her ass and loses half of the DiMera "Empire" to Nicole he has nobody to blame but himself. This is Higley's version of making him a nuanced and darker character. Not noticing that his wife has a beach-ball for a stomach for months, and no pre-nup. Although , on a happier note I am glad Brady got a good smack-down. It seems to have knocked some sense into him, frankly. He is still an accessory to Nicole's crimes. Wait until E.J. finds out that he helped Nicole to carry off this deception. I hope they fight shirtless.
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