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Apr 29 2009, 01:11 PM
At least Sami knows EJ doesn't have any friends. She knows way more about him than Rafe. She knows way more about Lucas too. Probably knows more about her mailman than that goober Rafe.

"But really.. I dont know EJ's best friend .. Oh wait.. He does not have any.Nobody knows anything more then what the writers tell us.
I dont know Victors Mother, Or Daniels, Or Abes. Or Kates.
Rafes best friend.. or new best friend will be written into his script as he finds a spot on the Salem PD.."

Yes, but you're not going to have sex and say I love you to any of them are you?

A hot passionate Latin lover? Try a boring insecure fonzie wanna-be. And Ali right now is a flip-flopping, emotional wreck with more kids than she knows what to do with. Boring. Boring. Boring.

I hate this story.
Well.. If you feel this way about Sami, you should be happy she is not with EJ then. And I think the point is she KNOWS too much about EJ, and knowing what she does she chooses NOT to be with him.

And Sami is not having sex with any of THEM either.. She is having sex with Rafe, who IM sure she feels she knows pretty well considering... And atleast Sami is telling Rafe how she feels about him. We dont have to guess, or twist anything to fit our wishes or agenda.

I get that some Ejami fans are hating this story.. but we Safe fans are loving it bigtime.
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