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Apr 29 2009, 12:33 PM
Apr 29 2009, 10:37 AM
Apr 29 2009, 10:32 AM
This relationship is so contrived. Terrible writing.
I agree...
They are once again moving TOO FAST. Not allowing this couple to grow at all, I mean .. what have they done together?? They have no experiences together, no story about *Them*.

This is terrible writing.
Itīs a proposal, not a wedding. They still have a long and hard way ahead. Part of Stefanie is clearly very much unsure in what she is getting into and this part will for sure grow bigger with all the drama she is about to be involved in. So who knows what happens next and how long the proposal last. Iīm willing to bet this is not the last time we see Phillip kneel before Steph.

I agree 100%. I still think the kidnapping will put the kibosh on this and there will no doubt be some other drama coming up too. This is far from a sure thing.

I really don't understand the complaints over the all the breakups. They weren't really breakups to begin with. She got mad and ran off. She spoke out in anger. After at most a week, she was back with him. She was hesitant and she didn't know who the real Philip was and if she could deal with the darker side to him when it does emerge. That is actually GOOD writing. It was about who they both are and whether they could deal with each other.

I don't see the issue with the pace either. They're young and they just went through a traumatic ordeal. Sometimes you get caught up in the emotion of it all with the whole "life is too short" kind of thing. That is what I believe is happening here. The kidnapping will cause reality to set back in and the fantasy will be over, for now.

Sounds like good stuff to me.
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