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Apr 29 2009, 03:05 PM
I know that none of us know how many fans they really have. YouTube videos and especially the show going for this pairing right now doesn't prove anything either though. That is like saying they are the biggest fanbase out there so the show is going to please them. No way. I don't really care who Sami ends up with (I have enjoyed both Lumi and Ejami at some point) so I am not some diehard Lumi or Ejami fan that won't accept her with anyone else. They just bore me to tears and Galen's acting is still not very good.
Your right they don't prove anything but I still think the fact that the show has approached them the way they have shows they must be at least moderately popular. I mean, look what happened with Daniel and Chloe. You can tell the story changed to set them up as a "destined" couple. At first, it came off as just a plot point but now it seems like so much more.

I think their plan at the start was to just bring Rafe on and to see if he and Ali would click. They struggled at first and I think her being pregnant both helped and hurt them early on. It hurt them in that you couldn't see too much chemistry but it helped in that it forced the show to take it slow with them. They have interacted Rafe with other females. They had him have those scenes with Nicole back in December. Once he got to Salem, he had scenes with Hope. There really isn't alot of women on the show to test him with. Nicole was really the only one and they tried it. It was around that time I feel Sami and Rafe seemed to begin to click more consistently anyway.

Whatever the case, I enjoy them. Galen is not the best actor but I think the part suits him. I feel Ali has been great since returning from her maternity leave. I can see why people don't like them. If they don't make it, they don't make it. All I care about is good drama and being entertained.
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