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Dylan Patton and his mother, Debi

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The next actor I interviewed for my Mother's Day feature was newcomer Dylan Patton and his mother, Debi. I always wondered what it was like for Dylan to launch into a character like Will, who has Sami for a mother. I also wanted to get to know Dylan's mom Debi because I had met Dylan before, and he was such a well-mannered young man. Hope you enjoy the latest interview from the Days' Insider. And P.S., how adorable is the photo that Debi sent to us?

Do you have a favorite childhood story about Dylan?
I would have to go with his birth date story. About a month before he was born, I saw the number 713 on the ceiling above my bed. I was wide awake, and it was as though someone had flashed a camera at me. The image was kind of on the back of my eyelids for a few minutes. Dylan was actually due on July 4th, but he ended up coming almost two weeks late. He was born on July 13th (7/13/92) AND he was born at 7:13 PM AND he weighed 7lbs. 13oz. That is the absolute truth.

Do you watch Dylan on Days?
Of course! I record it and try to watch what I can on the weekends. I am really into the storyline now and like to watch even if Dylan isn't on.

What is your most memorable Mother's Day with Dylan?
The first one. Dylan is my oldest, so he was the reason for my first Mother's Day. That one holds a very special place in my heart.

What is one thing that fans would love to know about Dylan?
He is a phenomenal snowboarder.

How are you different from Dylan's onscreen mom, Sami Brady?
Well, I am not as patient with him as she is. Also, Dylan and I have always had a close relationship -- unlike Sami and Will.

Do you have any Mother's Day traditions?
Not really. We usually just go to lunch somewhere nice.

Dylan's questions:

Does your mom offer any feedback from your work?
Not that often. When I was little she used to, but not so much now.

What important life lessons did your mom teach you?
She taught me good work ethics: Be on time and be prepared.

How is your relationship with your onscreen mom, Sami Brady, different from your real life mom?
It's actually not too different. I think Will is a typical 16-year-old. My real mom is not lying and manipulative like Sami, but we still have our disagreements -- only it's about real life stuff like curfew and chores.

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