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Lucas wonders why Kate's feelings towards Chloe have changed.
Kate considers telling Lucas the truth about the affair, but feels he'll blame her.

I kinda like Kate contemplating not telling Lucas the truth. It shows some character growth within her. Had this been a few years ago, Kate would have enjoyed telling Lucas the truth about the love of his life doing something bad and breaking them up. She wouldn't think about what it would do to Lucas, nor did she ever think that he would turn the thing around on her and blame her. And she should because that's what always happens. I like that she's hesitating now, but I really hope, in the end, it is Kate who tells Lucas the truth. And I hope all these beats are played into the scene because it would really help Lucas and Kate's damaged relationship develop.

Caroline voices her displeasure with Stephanie and Philip's engagement.

I hope this is just Caroline warning Stephanie about a life as a Kiriakis wife, and not her actually telling Stephanie not to do so. Caroline's one of those people that believes in true love and I can't see her ever trying to convince one of her family members to not go after the one they love. I wouldn't mind Caroline issuing her granddaughter a warning however. It would work too since Caroline went through the same thing years ago with Victor. But there were other things that factored into Caroline's decision not to become Mrs. Victor Kiriakis. She already had a family with Shawn and that's why she didn't leave him and go with Victor. Stephanie doesn't have another family.

Philip and Stephanie make love.

Why is this a spoiler?

Maggie, Will, Mia, Melanie and Brady's storyline begins to intertwine.

I wonder what this could mean. I've been calling for Melanie to get involved with Will and Mia for weeks now. I don't really want Brady coming into the storyline though. He's too old!
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