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Apr 29 2009, 03:55 PM
And I will say this, from talking with other "fanbases" This board and another one I wont name have fewer Safe, or Lumi fans because of how they are treated, Nobody likes to be attacked just because they dont like or want Ejami.. and when that happens its a big turn off. They just like Ejami's want to be able to express their excitement without fear of it turning into a battle.

Just saying..
Really?? Because it seems to me there are fewer Ejami's here than on alot of other boards, but that's just me.

I totally agree that everyone in every fanbase should be allowed to express their likes OR dislikes. I think everyone here expresses their likes of certain couples and DISLIKES. There are many here in this thread who can't stand Ejami and make no bones about it, just as there are many here who don't like safe or ejole.

I think things are being taken out of context here.......I think the intent of some of these earlier posts were to be humorous not trying to start anything. Many of us just found Logan's take on safe to be kind of funny that's all.

I certainly don't think the opinions of those of us who don't like "safe" are going to sway "safe" fans anymore than those of you who don't like "Ejami" are going to change Ejami fans. Just because there aren't alot of any one fan group shouldn't deter one from speaking their mind. That's what this message board is here for......just be prepared to have someone disagree........or say they don't like your favorite character..................
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