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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Apr 29 2009, 03:34 PM
Well as 1 of the "More" than 10 fans..
I know that they must be getting a great response from everyone except die hard ejami's.
And those who simply dont like the actors.
There will always be those.. But I know Alison likes the couple and working with Galen, they are good friends, and I know James Scott likes working with Ari, Ive always felt the actor would rather work with AZ. And I know I read awhile back that BOTH JS and AS were not comfortable with being paired as they were after the "Incident" atleast in the manner it happened..

I honestly think they are both happy with this direction.. Also Even I am (with my measley 94 posts) am not so silly as to believe that EJ/Sami are kapoot... He will somehow draw her back, even if its by blackmail, and threats.. This will make for great soapy stories..

My unsolicited advice is .. Its obvious that Safe is happening and a major story, so you (anyone who hates it) dont have to like it (Any more then I liked Ejami) But go with it and see how the story unfolds, and respect the fact that others DO like it..instead of just being mean and rude, because that just draws out the mean and rude in us.. And we are *Many* regardless if they exist on this board. And Id wager that the comment lines, and fanmail reflect that.. These internet sites are only a small reflection of the viewing audience.. Most people I know who watch soaps dont even know about these places.

Hmmm...I think if you go back to some of the original comments in the thread about Safe being boring, etc. you'll note they are not being made by 'die hard ejami's' nor necessarily by those who 'simply don't like the actors'. I'm not sure where that assumption comes from - but it doesn't seem to be the case in this thread.

I do think there are many people who are enjoying Safe - and just as you just did we could come to all kinds of conclusions about who and why. GG certainly has a lot of fans from his Passions days. Some Lumis and EJoles each have reasons for promoting the pairing (hating EJami, or EJ, or Sami). But I also think there are members of the GA that just like the simplicity of their story. Not much angst, not much drama, no skeletons in their respective closets (at least, that we know of at this point) - it's "safe". To each their own. I happen to like a lot more layers and more good soapy drama with my pairings. But the number one factor for me is chemistry between the actors. I don't care what the actors think about the story, about each other, about anything, really. If they ignite when they are on screen together they capture my interest. And none of the current couples on this show are doing that for me - not a single one of them. :(
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