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Apr 29 2009, 06:12 PM
Apr 29 2009, 03:37 PM
Breaking up with someone everytime they do or say something that you don't like or agree with is immature. Stephanie's back and forth crap is annoying and part of the reason I lost interest in the pairing. She can either deal with or she can't, but stick with it!
I donīt think itīs immature. When she met Phillip and they started dating he was this extremely charming and nice guy, taking care of his fatherīs legal businesses. Yes, the Kiriakises had a shady past, but it really seemed thatīs all it is, a past. She fell for him and the next she knew suddenly the fight over AFP started and Phillip had to show his fatherīs side and she got scared. And now Tony is dead and the families are hiring hitmen to attack each other and she is caught in the middle.

People say she knew who Phillip is when she got involved with him and thatīs true, but as usual in the nice girl/bad boy relationship when she really got closer to him she started to believe he is different, she fell for him and now she is forced to watch how the guy she is in love with is risking his life for some feud she believes is totally pointless. She is getting desperate and she is trying to save him, drag him away from the both families. When she breaks up with him itīs not because she really wants to end things with him but because she hopes it will force him to wake up and he will choice her, not his father and the family.

I quess times has really changed and some people today would be annoyed with the first year of J/J as well, because that was pretty much the same pattern. Jennifer was hoping Jack is really changing, he did something stupid, she was disappointed and left, he reacted and retrieved the situation or atleast appologized, she couldnīt help and returned believing he is really changing and the pattern repeated.

IMO itīs really classic inner conflict with all the usual romantic stuff like brain says no but heart says yes, I love you but I cannot be with you, etc. Reading the spoilers, I have no doubts there will be a lot more breakups and reunions and things will get further complicated with Melanie, who seems to have no trouble to accept Phillip even with his dark side.
Someone that wasn't immature would discuss it and not leave in a huff and say it is over after every little problem, just to come back again. It is an endless cycle. The whole feud thing with Tony dying and the Dimera's trying to kill Phillip JUST happened. Stephanie has been breaking up with Phillip a few times a week for what seems like months now.
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