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Apr 22 2009, 04:37 PM
Apr 22 2009, 03:09 PM
Apr 22 2009, 11:33 AM
Then that's a pretty fucked up thing for Corday to do to his "friend." Keep her in this high up position and have her name bashed day after day.
Every HW is bashed. Itīs a part of the job description. I doubt Higley or anyone else cares as long as the ratings are telling a different story.

As for her position, I love how stabile the writing team is right now so whatever Higleyīs influence or job is I hope it will continue. Corday is happy her friend is finally succesfull, Higley is happy the responsibility is not solely on her and Tomlin/Whittesel can fullfill their ideas. Everything comes together wonderfully lately and it really reminds me the union of Langan and JER during his first stint. I really donīt care who is the real HW or if Corday pays Higley for nothing, I just want the show to stay this way and not rocking the boat again.

Btw. I always thought Higleyīs main problem last year was the awfull decision to get rid of breakthrough writers and the totall chaos which arised as a result. She was stressed as hell. Now the team seems to be working as a well oiled machine. Deadlines are kept, script are prepared and ready way ahead, taping is on schedule. Maybe she is not as bad as we think, she just needs a firm hand above her. I know I used this argument before but there HAS to be a reason why she stayed as a prominent part of various writing teams for most of last two decades.
I agree.

I think the fact that Tomlin brought back the breakdown writer position, which was taken away after the strike, really helped (it's definitely less taxing on the head writers and team as a whole) and I also think that they have Higley handling responsibilities similar to that of an associate HW, which is what she basically was for most of her long run with Days. As you said, she was with Days for years through various regimes so she must have got along with someone and impressed enough people to stick around. That is probably why Corday came to like her with her being around for so long.

I just think the current system works well. It seems the whole behind the scenes team is clicking right now and working well as a unit and now that all the cuts and upheaval are in the past, the actors have stepped up, probably because they feel secure in their position with the show. They all seem committed to simply putting on a good show now and you don't sense tension anymore. It's really nice to see and I hope all that continues and that the show continues to thrive as well.
ITA, the show has improved drastically over the last 6 months. The actors do seem more committed and energized, there seems to be a distinct through line that was lacking and most of the time its entertaining. Is Days back to the quality of its glory days? No, but it also isn't floundering any longer. Most of the radical changes in direction last year came because the show was a trainwreck (imo) and they didn't have 2 years to slowly shift direction...the kind of timeline we're used to seeing with relationships in particular simply couldn't work.

Also, the influence of NBC execs on the show cannot be underestimated. The writers don't have complete freedom, they are constrained by the money men and focus groups...soaps were better before they started using focus groups to weigh in on the s/l. Sometimes the writers need to tell a story without letting fanbase wishes change the direction. A great example of fan outrage that was ignored is Zack/Kendall on AMC. I defected to AMC for most of 2005 & thought they had great chemistry, but the fans were furious because Kendall belongs with Ryan/ she's go no history with Zach/she's his son's girlfriend/etc...but now 4 years later, most fans are upset that they're broken up. If the writers had listened to all that hatred, they wouldn't have a supercouple. Of course, I switched back to Days when James Scott was fired :biggrin:
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