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Apr 30 2009, 01:44 PM
Apr 30 2009, 07:00 AM
I guess I am confused,,why did they fire all the faves,and are bringing in so many strange people...I thought the could not afford anymore people??
Again, those that got fired cost ALOT more then most of the people they are bringing in do. That is the biggest difference. Not only that but the vets have been through alot of stories so there is very little that can be done with them that would be original and creative. Therefore, they bring on new characters or familiar characters that have not been played out that much to freshen the canvas.
Unfortunately, Tim, you are beating your head against a stone wall here as some don't see it that way - they (and me too) miss our oldtimers whether their stories are played out or not. I agree that we need fresh stories and new characters are sometimes the way it has to be but I think it's the way they are bring in new people that most object to. New characters are best when added in current stories that incorporate the familiar instead of just thrusting them on us for what seems to be no rhyme or reason. Sometimes we forget that ALL characters were newbies at some point.
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