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Julia Barr (ex-Brooke) admits it was an adjustment to leave the role she played on AMC since 1980.

"It's been a very interesting redefining period. It's easy for people to have their entire identity tied in to what they do for a living, particularly when you play a character for 30 years," Barr says with a wink.

So, Barr has been busy with all kinds of new things. She hit the road with hubby Richard Hirschlag. "We went on a great two-week Mediterranean cruise for our 25th anniversary," she reports. She's also working on a Web project with Jill Larson (Opal). And Barr, who currently hails from New Jersey, has also "started volunteering for a shelter in the area - you know I've loved animals my whole life!"

Barr's longtime love for animals even led her to take a course in The Tellington TTouch. "It's a holistic type of touching that has done very well with animals, particularly [those] that have behavioral problems. It's not exactly massage, but it has to do with reorienting dogs and cats that have behavioral problems and health problems, helping them to become a little more stable. I've been wanting to do that for a long time, and I got the chance to do it," she smiles.

In part, lest we forget, because Brooke left Pine Valley three years ago. "Oh, she didn't leave. I'm sure she's still up in the attic with Bobby Martin," laughs Barr of the exit that didn't quite sit well with fans.

"Actually, it's not the way I would have preferred to see a character of 30 years exit the show, if indeed she did," admits Barr. "But there's been a passage of time. I have always loved that show, and always loved working. I would entertain going back to daytime, whether it would be AMC or OLTL or whatever. It was my decision not to stay on in recurring [status] and I've never regretted that decision. I've worked my whole life, and would go back, not for the money, not for anything long-term necessarily, but just because it's something I've always enjoyed doing."

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