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Monday, May 4th
Sami confronts Rafe about Arianna; Sami admits she has feelings for EJ that will never go away; Lucas comes upon Chloe talking to Father Matt about secrets in marriage; Stephanie has a nightmare that Philip has been killed; Chelsea has news for Max.

Tuesday, May 5th
Kate tells Chloe that she knows about her affair with Daniel; Nicole learns that EJ plans to investigate Dr. Baker; Hope is suspicious when Melanie tells her about the new nurse; Stephanie tells EJ the feud must stop.

Wednesday, May 6th
Nicole turns her aggression on Rafe and Sami; Rafe introduces Sami to Arianna; Chelsea says her last good-byes to Bo and Max; Brady and Bo try to convince Victor and Philip to leave the DiMeras to the authorities.

Thursday, May 7th
EJ learns that Victor has Stefano; Rafe takes Sami on a romantic date, and they get caught in a compromising position; Will and Mia run into Kinsey, an old acquaintance of Mia's; EJ invites Dr. Baker over and grills him.

Friday, May 8th
Philip proposes to Stephanie; Victor strikes a deal with EJ; Sami and Rafe spend time with her kids; Mia meets Maggie and talks to her about her life circumstances.
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