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May 2 2009, 06:09 PM
May 2 2009, 05:10 PM
Thanks Ellie for posting!

When I was watching this I thought man EJ has really been involved with or in scenes with nearly every character on the show now and he has only been in Salem (3) years. Stefano, Sami, Nicole, Brady, Rafe, Lucas, Victor, Phillip, Bo, Hope, Roman, Lexie, Abe, Caroline, Maggie, Mickey, Chelsea, Will, Mia, Doctor Baker, Stephanie, Max, Melanie, Chloe, Kate, Marlena, John, Tony, Anna, Willow, Shawn, Belle, Bille, Austin, Carrie, Bart, Mary, and Dr. Rolf, Ava, Carmine, Mimi, Bonnie, Nick, Morgan, Patrick, Thugs 1,2 and 3 HE has had scenes with these children too: Theo, Allie, Johhny, Sidney. That EJ he sure gets around!

I just hope when he kidnaps Stephanie that they remember that they knew each other from being race car drivers together. I'm sure EJ is in for a slap or two as she lets him have it over him hurting her parents, herself and now Phillip.
Who knows, maybe Stephanie will fall in love with EJ! He seems to be able to make his victims have feelings for him. Bring on EJanie!! :lol:
My guess is that Stephanie will fall for this Wes character who I think actually is the one who kidnaps her.
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