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Real life got busy but earlier I meant to put up some additional quotes from the interview:

Digest: Do you feel there were missed opportunities with your characters?

Stephen: "Yes, but isn't that always the case? Howver because the history of Patch and Kayla was so rich, I hoped there would be someone with a true vision for our return based on that history....Unfortunately, that was not to be. That was a big disappointment. When I returned we could see immediately how much the show itself and the way it was produced had deteriorated. Early on, a producer told Mary Beth and me that there would be no more second takes for acting. One day, I stood in the booth soon after that and watched two actors in a highly emotional scene do five takes because the producer thought he saw a boom shadow, which no one could identify. Five takes for a phantom boom shadow! If the acting had been off, they would have moved on. Another actor reported that this same producer had told him that he did not care so much about the acting and that the audience would understand enough about the story by simply hearing the words. Can you imagine? Yet the crew and any actor who cared about what they were doing felt a renewed energy and expressed that to us both. It turned out to be an uphill battle all the way."

Mary Beth: "I wished it could have gone in a different direction, but I wasn't really all that surprised...I thought that Stephen and I brought value to the show, and I certainly know there was a fan base, and I thought we brought things to the canvas that other people didn't, but it just didn't seem to matter when it all came down. They had to make their bottom line."

Digest: What will you do next?

: I will be directing and acting in a beautiful series of One Acts written by my wife, Lisa Nichols, and directing another film.

Mary Beth: I'm a hustler by nature: I hit the ground running. I've been on some great auditions- I went out for a Gossip Girls spin-off and I got a new agent, things I haven't done in forever. I would love to go to Y&R, where Hogan is writing. I love Hogan Scheffer and As The World Turns was a great experience for me [as Sierra], I'd love to go back and hang out with those people. I met with a guy who wants to do a pie of the month club thing, and I'm going to sell my pies [marybethsapplepies.com] through Williams-Sonoma in the fall. I'm meeting with a Whole Foods distributor about other little pies I do. I'm a monthly contributor to hybridmom.com. I wrote a piece in the Spring issue of Hybrid Mom magazine. I feel very positive. I don't know what the next thing is. I would love to do another daytime show, but if not, then it will be something else. I just kind of feel unstoppable. I don't know what the future holds but I feel really happy and optimistic about it."


"The Fans have been so fantastic to us through the years" smiles Evans

Adds Nichols: "Since Mary Beth and I first appeared on Days and then on General Hospital, the fan support has not waned. For the past three years, our fans have worked so hard against very tough odds to support us and still have not stopped even after we left Days again. I for one know how much they have meant to my career as an actor and to my spirit when I do the work. Their intelligence and good humor has always given me a lift and I could not say anything without mentioning Linda Pidutti, Kathy Jarvis, Sherry McCutcheon and Sandra Mchale.
These ladies and the members of the Skorks, The Crystal Trees, and The Lakesiders have been the driving force behind both Mary Beth's and my army of fans. I am grateful to you all and I love you all very much"

Thanks to http://www.nicholsevansfans.com/daysexit09.html for the write-up.
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