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We have a great week for Safe this week. They'll be on together for at least 4-days every day but Tuesday.
They'll have a first date!
They have an interrupted making love attempt
They'll be spending some time with Sami' kids!

I AM enjoying the ride believe me. Whatever the polls are saying right now - they are definitely going with Safe and it's mutual confessions of love for the 19th which is awesome and the best that any fanbase could wish for with their couples first time!

The love declaration first adds the sparkle and meaning to however they touch and kiss each other afterwards. I believe the writers are doing things in this order for a reason.

The reason I believe the order is deliberate is they haven't done anything this way around for a long time :lol: usually the couple have had sex a number of times or at least once before they go there and in the case of some they never do go there i.e. Phloe, Ejami, Date all dead couples :tounge:

Now before you all flame me for my horrible post :run: I add smiles and lols to my post because I am doing this all tounge in cheek and I have fun with the comments made by some posters on this board. So I think it's popcorn :popcorn: all round for the Safe fans this week.
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