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Darin and his mom, Susan Brooks

The first time I met Darin's mom, Susan Brooks, was last year at the Daytime Emmys. Darin had brought his mom as his date and we were all seated at the same table. She couldn't have been more proud of her son, who was nominated for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Daytime Series. She was such a delight, as was Darin that night, that they were the first two to come to mind when I thought about doing this Mother's Day feature. I hope you enjoy their answers!

P.S. Just when I thought Darin couldn't get any more charming, just read his answers. Sons everywhere should take notes!

Do you have a favorite childhood story about Darin?
Taking a crash course in drumming! Darin had to learn to play the drums, so his older brother, Adam, could perform at his high school project grad party. I was involved in the PTA, and we needed free entertainment for Adam's graduation party, so I volunteered their band; however, they didn't have a drummer. I drove Darin to drum lessons for eight months, so he could perform with his older brother. We named their band Will Play For Food (my suggestion)! Later, Darin went on to make it to the finals in a state-run talent contest called "Brown Bags Stardom" with his own band.

I always encouraged the boys in music since I'm tone deaf! They took ukulele in grad school in Hawaii (everyone learns that in school there), piano, guitar, and then drums. We used a spare bedroom for practice, so we put mattresses up along the walls to muffle the noise in our quiet neighborhood.

Do you watch Darin on Days?
Of course! I blush when he has naked scenes.

What is your most memorable Mother's Day with Darin?
The first time he made me breakfast in bed with a favorite orchid from our garden.

What is one thing that fans would love to know about Darin?
He can dance. I teach art lessons at my gallery (Arts of Paradise Gallery), so we bartered. Every Sunday afternoon, we would roll up the carpet and learn ballroom, tango, and swing. His father and I are terrible, but Darin could do well on "Dancing with the Stars"!

Do you have any Mother's Day traditions?
Breakfast in bed and chocolate for dinner.

Does your mom offer any feedback from your work?
Not my acting, but my hair. She even told our award-winning hair stylist on Days (Matthew Holman) how she likes my hair: surfer cut -- long on top, short in back, blonder, etc. He disagreed! He did her hair for the Daytime Emmys red carpet; she was my date.

What important life lessons did your mom teach you?
Honesty. Attending Catholic school, you learn moral values and not to lie. She always said the she may not know what I've done, but I would and would be punished for all my sins!

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