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Well, There are **2** items posted. They were not posted as "infallable fact" just as a notable shoutout, That I have no doubt that any Ejami would be drooling over if it was about thier couple.
And Nelson may not be a fan of Days, or watch, or pay attention to the online spin.. (If he did he wouldnt have called them "Rami").But in fairness I seriously doubt he watches in full every soap on the air.. But he is a soap reporter for TV guide so Im sure he also has "Sources".. And Im sure his assesment of the couple comes from some source that he considers reliable, and from my observation he is often correct, though not always 100%.
(Yes I posted another %)
But the post was not posted to be taken as "Gospel". It is posted as proof that Safe fans are present
(Certainly more then 10) and that despite what naysayers and haters may wish, you cant wish away this couple.. For as strong as they may feel Ejami is, Given that Safe has only just begun Its creating a major buzz.

And regardless of your opinion of Branco, The SoapNet poll is the real deal.. And while no poll is reflective of or without its own glitches.. Again its just an example that Safe cant be wished away.

Believe it.. Dont believe it.. No Matter.
Its not often I agree with cj, but I will agree with this .. just watch and enjoy what you can, and while you can.. I know I am. Right now Safe is the story, but I know in soaps yhings change on a dime.. so Im enjoying itwhile I can.
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